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Metal Art Prints

Metal fine art prints are a new, edgy and very contemporary print option. These are gorgeous color or black and white images printed over a white base coat on a modern metal surface gives depth and richness to the images. We now offer sizes all the way up to a 30x40" print!

Hanging System for Metal Prints:

There are 3 options for a quick and easy way to hang your Metal Prints.

1. Square/Rectangle: Hardware is attached through four holes, each 5/16" of an inch in diameter, one hole in each of the four corners of the print.

The hole location will be 1/2" x 1/2" on center from each corner for sizes 4x6" to 8x10". Any print larger than an 8x10" will have the holes pushed out to 3/4" x 3/4" on center from the corners.

2. Circle: Hardware is attached through two holes, each 5/16" of an inch in diameter, one in the center top and one at the center bottom. The hole location will be 1/2" on center for the top and bottom on al sizes of circle Metal Prints.

3. Make a statement with the new Wood Standoff which allows you to easily mount your beautiful metal prints to the wall. This durable Wood Standoff will keep your metal prints level and mounted with less chance of shifting over time. By placing the ½ inch deep Wood Standoff in the back center of the Metal Print, the print will have an illusion of floating off the wall. Install quickly and easily with our step by step instructions you receive with each order.

*Also, prints are available with no holes and no mounting hardware if you'd prefer!


Important Notes About Metal Prints:

Please note that due to the nature of the metal products, slight inconsistencies may exist from one print to the next. These may appear as noticeable small bumps or bubbles, which are caused from the white base coat that is necessary to give the image a rich, true color. Each print is quality inspected to minimize these imperfections. This is an acceptable and expected part of the process and final product.

 AWP's printer of metal prints offers the highest quality metal prints available in the industry. Metal prints are produced using a different process from the Fine Art Prints. Consequently, prints will not have the same sharpness as our fine art paper prints. In addition, black and white images will contain a slight color cast due to the nature of the dye-sublimation process. This is a normal and expected result with metal.

As with all of the AWP prints, we work hard to ensure that we have the highest print quality available. Due to the nature of this process, we apologize, but we cannot offer reprints on black and white metal prints for a slight color cast or color metal prints that are not as sharp as a fine art paper print.


(Prints generally take 1-3 weeks to process and ship)

*Rush delivery and processing is available by request for an additional 50% rush fee

Andrew Walsh Photography

Andrew Walsh